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The Size and Increase of the Global Sports Betting Market

Massive Is the Sports Betting Market?

It is important to recognize that the general size of the sports betting market isn’t easy to estimate since regulations and record keeping are inconsistent. There is not any source that is definitive, from nation to nation, that investigators can rely on. Records are too jarring to paint an entirely accurate picture.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t signify there aren’t reliable estimates. International sports betting is projected to have a market capitalization of $250 billion. According to Statistica, a highly-reputable firm, accredited online sportsbooks (like the ones we review) accounts for upwards of $39.7 billion of the revenue.

The remainder of these sports stakes are staked at venues like at casinos horse tracks, or alternative conduits that were global.

The Fastest Growing Sports Betting Market: The United States

In 2009, the sports betting market was valued at $20 billion. By 2016, it had been valued at $40 billion. Having a present market capitalization of (conservatively) between $60-73 billion, the market has conservatively increased at a rate of $10 billion each year. American sports betting will occupy an increasingly significant share of the world industry if this pace continues.

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