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Packers vs. Cowboys: NFL Week 5 Picks & Game Predictions

When they ran roughshod on the Green Bay Packers Thursday night at Lambeau Field the Philadelphia Eagles wear a screen of old-school, hard-nosed, trench football. Green Bays defense appears helpless against attack dashing. Philly gashed that the Packers defense for gains that were enormous and that determined the game.
Green Bay defensive coordinator Mike Pettine had no answer for Philadelphias varied strategy and it led to the win. Green Bay has had 10 times to sit and stew about this ineptitude. Mike Pettine needs to come up with some suggestions to stop that from happening again. He faces a challenging job best paid running Ezekiel Elliott, who is a tough matchup for any team, let alone a group coming off a dismal performance.
There were several advantages on Thursday night since Green Bays offense was rolling out up, outgaining the Philadelphia Eagles 491-336. Rodgers appears to be getting more comfortable in Matt LaFleurs system also it appears to be paying dividends.
Hoping to benefit from this lack of New Orleans Saints Hall of Famer Drew Brees, the Dallas Cowboys were not able to defeat the night in primetime along with QB Teddy Bridgewater. New Orleans was able to stop the conduct and use cornerback Marshon Lattimore to close WR Amari Cooper. Quarterback Dak Prescott was just able to find the end zone time and fought to locate different aims. It was a great defensive effort by Dallas since they held the Saints to four field goals and prevented a New Orleans touchdown.

Itll be incumbent to include wrinkles and also to correct in-game when strategies do not work . Moore has been heralded for attracting the Cowboys a spread fashion offense that was new, opening up with formations and personnel shifts. Moore fought adjusting the Saints and veteran defensive coordinator Dennis Allen.
This game features two groups with playoff hopes both coming to a loss. Both groups will be focused and ready to move and this could be a turning point for both staff this season. If Dallas RB Ezekiel Elliott cant find victory it could be another very long day for the receivers of Dak as he relies on the running game and play with action to really open up the field to get him. For Dallas obtaining Zeke involved will be crucial.
What can the Packers do differently to keep them from becoming gashed on the ground? This matchup is different than playing with the Eagles, who prefer to utilize many different weapons and configurations with tight ends and running backs synonymous in the slot and pre-snap movement to disguise that the target is. The Cowboys make no secret of who they are attempting to aim. They need get the ball into Cooper and run the ball. This transparency must assist the Packers, who were flummoxed by the Eagles multiple configurations. Against Philadelphia, Green Bay struggled to get the ideal matchup. Even the Green Bay linebackers and safeties were busy on stopping tight ends, allowing running Miles Sanders and springs Jordan Howard to scamper through for their secondary. They allowed their safety Darnell Savage picked and to be both more targeted up by using movement to acquire the matchup that they desired.

Luckily for Green Bay, the Cowboys have less diversity of weapons. The Dallas ends are nowhere nearly as powerful as Philadelphias. Look for the linebackers to essential on the jog more and let the tight ends beat them instead of their running back, because as far as analytics wish to dismiss its own worth, the very first key to a soccer game in the defensive perspective is to stop the other team from running the football. When the ball cans run such as Philadelphia did against Green Bay they are destined for victory.
Another loss for the Cowboys Sunday night was the shoulder sprain of. Green Bay should be stout in the first and second reverses to place Dallas and Dak to conditions. Right Tackle Lael Collins has missed training this week and that will be a break to get a defense, when Dallas is missing tackles. Sua Filo will begin at LG, if Collins can not go he is going to be replaced with second-year LG Conor Williams, wholl change into Xavier and RT. RG Zack Martin appears on the accident report but expect him to play.
That could be weaken them considerably, although Even the Dallas offensive line has been the NFLs class. Green Bay needs to get its defense back to its winning ways, along with Green Bay Defensive Coordinator Mike Pettine will plot plenty of strikes targeting the copy left tackle Daks blindside to use this weakness.
The Packers offensive lineman Brian Baluga is questionable as well. Hed matchup with Dallas DE DeMarcus Lawerence, which would be a loss for Green Bay. Another name to look for on the injury report is Packers CB Kevin King, when King and CB Jaire Alexander play 30, as the Packers secondary has appeared powerful.
Is quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is a danger at a game and is coming in his own under this crime. Rodgers is going to be likely missing his favorite target, wide receiver Davante Adams, who is currently suffering from turf toe. Rodgers knows how to spread the ball around and find the open guy. He is not dependent on a receiver for his greatness. Rodgers has yet to lose in Dallas new arena, winning and so is now 3-0 in Dallas. Look running back Aaron Jones to get involved since the Packers will make a attempt to control time of possession after being defeated in their game.
Dak Prescott is reliant upon WR Amari Cooper for success. In 2018 after obtaining the YPG of Cooper Dak went up with 50 yards along with his completion rate rose by 8 percent. This success left him Daks preferred target and has carried over to this season since routes and Coopers speed have endeared him. Dak is a real professional, a good leader, also has shown an ability. Make him one of the highest paid players of the NFL soon and dallas will probably extend his contract, so that they enjoy his contributions.
This is a afternoon game. In a scheduling quirk, there is only two matches on the afternoon slate. All eyes face off and will be on both the Packers and the Cowboys as they put their playoff hopes. If the ball cans run with Ezekiel Elliott that they will be able to rush to success. The matchs outcome will be determined by the ability to fix their deficiencies on the game of Green Bay, and they will have that chance with the additional days of training which by has been on Thursday night, they were given. The extra remainder is just another factor constituting Green Bay,
When betting this sport, you have to determine if you think the Defensive Coordinator Mike Pettine will correct the problems. If you believe so I see no reason why you would not make the NFL selection of the Green Bay Packers +3.5. The NFL chances of this field goal and hook can be pivotal in what might be an extremely close game between two leading teams. I anticipate Pettine and Green Bay to turn this defense learn from their mistakes from last week, also inspire Green Bay to victory.
NFL Pick: Green Bay +3.5 (-115) at 5Dimes

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